Monday, February 27, 2006

If you noticed...

that the last three entries look funny, it's cause they are.
In the past I was using zoto to post my blog entries, and now they are deciding to charge for that feature. Yah, so I'm not paying. Instead I'm posting through blogger, and the cards come out smaller than actual size. Untill I learn more about html that's just how they will have to be. You can still click on 'em to get a better look. Oh, technology.

much much love love

Joan (NY) Made These:




"Birds rule" 2/22/06

"1/3" 2/22/06

"2/3" 2/22/06

"3/3" 2/22/06

Eve (CA) Made These For the Reality Series:

1-4 "Explanation" 2/23/06

Eve (CA) Made These:

"inspired by fear" 2/23/06

"He met a girl once" 2/23/06