Saturday, July 22, 2006

J.L.D (NM) Made These:

"mmm...cigarettes" 4/10/06
"She won't take no for an answer" 4/10/06

"Soar: as we do through the barcodes" 4/3/06

"The Aphid Shortage" 5/1/06

"Thank you, Danny, for removing that splinter" 5/8/06

"Boonana" 3/13/06

"Homage to Ms. Edwards" 3/13/06

"She thought to herself as he lie sleeping: beat him with a baseball bat...or make him breakfast?" 3/27/06

"Working Together" 3/13/06

"Nebraska. (He loves you too)" 3/13/06

"All that glitters is Gold" 3/8/06

"Kittens Have No Problem with Saddam" 3/8/06

"Innovation" 3/27/06

"So I was like, Seusy, Baby; just give me a hat. We'll make it work." 3/27/06

"The Wheel O'Kitten" 4/10/06

"Eat eachother Alive" 3/13/06

"The Ants go Marching ONE BY ONE" 3/14/06